Friends of Wonderland


Friends of Wonderland (FOW) is our volunteer parent-led booster club. In collaboration with our faculty and administration, FOW ensures Wonderland has the revenue needed to continually provide vital programs for students not budgeted for by LAUSD.  These programs include teacher’s aides in every room; cutting edge instructional technologies; professional development for teachers; instructors and materials for art, music, PE, library, and garden programs. To fund these programs and raise an annual budget averaging more than $1000 per student, Friends of Wonderland coordinates a series of fundraising events each year.  Starting in August with the Annual Giving campaign, Friends of Wonderland invites you to be a Friend and help reach 100% participation. Meetings are open to everyone and take place at 8:30am on the second Thursday of every month in Room 5 (with the exception of October and January when the meetings will be October 15th and January 15th).

2015-2016 Friends of Wonderland Board