Way of Council

At Wonderland, one strategy for promoting academic, social, emotional, and organizational growth is the Way of Council.  Council is a dialogical practice that encourages deep and honest communication among and between students and adults.  We weave Council into all aspects of our curriculum and use it organizationally as a tool for co-visioning, community building, and making decisions in a group context. By sitting in circles in our classrooms, offices, or meetings, and passing a “talking piece” while speaking in response to a prompt from a facilitator, we hone our intentions to listen non-judgmentally and without reaction; to speak spontaneously and not plan while others are speaking; and to get to the heart of the matter so everyone has time with the talking piece.  In this way, we work towards a more peaceful and empathic way of relating to others.

Additionally, Council gives our students a child-centered approach to solving any conflicts they may have. They follow Wonderland’s Peace Talk Protocol. This simple, effective tool can be used at home too.

We are one of 63 LAUSD schools that use Council in Schools, and Wonderland proudly received the Distinguished School Award based upon our Way of Council practice as well as our highly acclaimed Arts Program.

Monthly committee meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of each month. We hold Family Councils three times during the school year for students, faculty and families. Adults can also enjoy special evening Community Councils and can be trained as Community Participants to experience Council in the classroom.

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