Our music program uses an Orff Schulwerk-based approach and encourages children to be composers as well as performers.  Movement and self-expression are emphasized over repertoire.  While we cover the basics of solfege, note reading, rhythm, and beat, it’s never at the expense of having fun. To learn more about this innovative approach, read the Orff Echo article about using the Common Core in the music classroom.

We believe all students are musical enough to enjoy musical experiences and develop the process-oriented skills associated with music – teamwork, organizational strategies, and the pursuit of mastery.  A central goal of our music program is to involve everyone, and for this reason we emphasize process over performance.  At the same time, our weekly music classes frequently conclude with students sharing their musical creations.

We also put on several shows throughout the year, including our Winter Wonderland Concert; the Renaissance Faire; recorder, chorus, Orff percussion and bluegrass ensemble performances; and the 5th grade culmination.

Music Ensemble classes are available to 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students.