From The Ground Up

From the Ground Up is Wonderland’s school garden program.  Learning in our organic garden integrates classroom studies with hands-on experiences in the natural world and encourages enthusiasm and wonder. Garden activities engage students in standards-based lessons interwoven with grade-appropriate math, science, social studies, art, and a healthy dose of fun.

In the garden, students learn about the interconnected relationships of food, the environment, animals, ecology, communities, and cultural histories. Through collaboration between volunteer Garden Room Parents and our Master Gardener teacher, FTGU provides experiences that enhance and expand upon what students are learning in class and an enriching community experience as they themselves grow.

FTGU also encourages wellness and healthy eating with new food tastings.  Rather than attempting to achieve nutrition education through a textbook, FTGU provides a multi-sensory learning experience through planting, watering, harvesting, preparing and eating nutritious food…grown from the ground up.

We look forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings which are the third Thursday of each month at 2:45pm in the K-Z Kitchen.

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Want fresh veggies each week?  Join our Community Supported Agriculture partner SavRaw Organics. By subscribing to SavRaw’s service, you are not only supporting local farms, you are helping to support From The Ground Up too.  A portion of each Wonderland subscription goes right back into our garden program and SavRaw also provides many of the tastings our children have in garden class throughout the year.

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