Pick Up / Drop Off

Pick-up & Drop-off Procedures

Drop Off

Morning Drop-Off: Upper Lot

Enter the uphill gate of Upper Lot on Wonderland Avenue. Entering from either direction is allowed in the morning only. Parents volunteer from 8-8:15am to help your child(ren) out of your car and safely through the lot.

  • NEVER drop your child(ren) off before your turn. There is too much traffic; it isn’t safe.
  • DO NOT turn left out of the lot. You must TURN RIGHT.
  • Please pull as far forward as you can and do not pull in the lot unless you can get your entire vehicle into the lot. Having the back end of a car sticking out on Wonderland Ave. presents a safety hazard.
  • Have your kids ready to exit the car before you pull into the lot. Backpacks, lunch money, afternoon pick-up instructions and kisses should be given before arriving at school.
  • Keep seat belts on and all car doors closed until the parent volunteer opens the door in the drop-off zone.
  • Have your kids exit from the right side of the car. This makes for quicker unloading and keeps them from having to walk in front of cars.
  • Stay in your car! Volunteers are in the Upper Lot to assist the kids with backpacks and car doors. We are aware that some students have special circumstances, however the majority of families should be abiding by this guideline.
  • If you have special drop off needs, come early! If you need to drop off something for a school function, an over-sized class project, or need to be at work early, please arrive between 7:45 and 8:00. This is the least congested time for drop-off.
  • NO PARKING or PULLING INTO the MAIN LOT or the LOWER LOT. Even if you think you will be “just a minute”! These lots are for teachers, school district vehicles and visiting school officials only. It is Not Safe to drop off your child in these lots and it is Not Permitted. If you need to park, please see the Parking Guidelines.
  • Please be patient, wait your turn and be courteous to one another! Remember, your kids are watching you.
Morning Drop-Off: Lookout Mountain

If you use the Lookout Drop-off, it is imperative that you follow instructions by the Volunteer Attendants.  This is a highly trafficked, narrow, and potentially hazardous intersection.

  • Pull as far forward as possible in the drop-off zone before putting your car in park. This allows for more cars to pull behind you in the curb’s inlet within the orange cones.
  • Do not get out of your car. A volunteer attendant will open your car’s door and assist your child(ren) if help is needed.
  • Keep seat belts on and all car doors closed until the parent volunteer opens the door in the drop-off zone. Children may only exit a car AFTER it is safely in the drop-off zone.
  • Children may only exit on the RIGHT/curb side. Please give hugs & kisses at home, and say your goodbyes and last minute instructions before pulling into the drop-off zone.
  • Wait until the car in front of you departs before you exit.Pulling out ahead of other vehicles creates a dangerous situation for local traffic. Make sure to look up and down Lookout before pulling out, as traffic comes from several directions.
  • No U-turns allowed. You must drive up the hill to the first cross street before safely turning around.
  • DO NOT pull into or block the teachers’ lot located just past the drop-off zone.
  • DO NOT block neighbors’ driveways.
  • DO NOT park in front of the fire hydrant across from the drop-off.

The attendants are volunteers who are generously giving their time from 8-8:15am. Please be courteous.


Afternoon Pick-Up: Upper Lot Only
BEFORE arrival at Wonderland
  • Please go over the following directions with your child:
  1. Make sure your child knows that you’re coming and that he/she must wait in the “Student Waiting Area” as shown on the map above.
  2. Tell your child to go directly to the “SWA” as soon as school ends.
  3. Tell your child to listen for his/her name being called.
  • Fill in the Name Card for all children you are picking up. Print up spare copies for use on playdate days, for your babysitters, for your child’s grandparents, etc.
  • Know the proper direction of traffic flow into the Upper Lot (see arrows on the map above). Knowing this before you arrive will stop traffic jams and (sometimes heated) disagreements.
UPON arrival at Wonderland
  • You may not line up on Wonderland Ave until after 2:30pm (or 1:30pm on Early Dismissal Tuesdays and 12:40pm on Minimum Days).
  • Enter the uphill gate of Upper Lot by turning RIGHT off Wonderland Ave.
  • DO NOT attempt to turn left into the Upper Lot. You will clog traffic and will be (disrespectfully) cutting in front of others who correctly drove to the back of the line.
  • Do not block neighboring driveways while waiting in line. Leave plenty of room between your car and the car in front of you. This will allow downhill drivers to temporarily pull in while uphill drivers pass.
  • Turn on your flashers to indicate to other cars that you are waiting in line.
  • Stay in your car. Parent volunteers will collect your child’s Name Card and will call his/her name.
  • Parent volunteers will safely escort your child to your car.

If your child does not respond when called, you may be asked to “circle around” and go to the back of the line as a courtesy to others who are waiting.