Parking Guidelines

NEVER park in school lots. The lots are reserved for teachers, staff and buses ONLY.

NEVER park on lower Laurel Pass, south of the driveway at 2525 Laurel Pass. The street is narrow. Parking here prevents the safe passage of ¬†emergency vehicles, pedestrians & cars. It is illegal and you’re subject to ticketing.

NEVER park on Horseshoe Canyon Road. This is a privately owned road and there is no public parking allowed.

Please follow all posted city parking signs.

Many of the between-driveway spaces are small, but can accommodate two or more cars if the first person parks as close to the driveway as possible, and each car parks as close as possible to the others.

DO NOT block driveways. Do not move garbage cans onto the curb.

Keep voices & noise levels down. People are living in those houses!

Be considerate of our neighbors.


If you prefer not to park, you may ONLY drop off your child in either the Upper Lot on Wonderland Avenue or in the Lookout Mountain inlet. Do NOT pull into a school parking lot. Do NOT pull up alongside a curb and have your child hop out. It is NOT safe.

Additionally, you may pick up your child after school in the Upper Lot. (See Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures.)