Medical Policies

Medical Policies

Emergency Card

Each student is required to have a completed Emergency Card on file at the school office with the following information:

Parent(s) or guardian(s) name(s)

  1. Complete and up-to-date address
  2. Home and work phone numbers for at least one parent
  3. Emergency phone number of friend or relative
  4. Physician’s name and phone number

Blank Emergency Cards are available in the office. If information changes, please contact the office immediately.

Wonderland’s medical policies are as follows

Prescribed Medicine

No pupil shall be given medication during school hours except upon written request from the parent or guardian and from a licensed physician who has the responsibility for the medical management of the pupil. Parents are urged, however, to request that the physician develop a schedule so that the necessity for taking medication at school will be minimized or eliminated (California Education Code 11753.1). Requests should be processed through our school nurse.

School Nurse

Wonderland’s School Nurse oversees the health of the student body by administering periodic health-related tests on all students, and by identifying injuries and other health-related problems in individual students. In the event that the nurse does discover a child with an injury or other health-related problem, he/she will consult the child’s Emergency Card and notify that child’s parent so that the parent can seek appropriate care for the child.