Electronic Devices Policy

It is the policy of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and Wonderland Avenue Elementary School to exclude the use of any electronic devices by students on campus before, during, or after regular school. Students are permitted to possess electronic devices on campus provided that any such device shall remain turned off and stored in a locker, backpack, purse, pocket, or other place where it is not visible during normal school hours.

Students are permitted to use electronic devices on campus only if:

  • Requested to do so by their teacher for classroom activity. Prior notice will be sent home regarding any such activity.
  • In the presences of an adult to make a call home. This is usually done in the Main Office or under the supervision of the teacher.

We know and understand that many of the electronic devices brought to campus have internet access. It is difficult for staff to monitor where, on the internet, a student may go. Also, many of these devices are expensive and delicate and can be broken or damaged.

Should a student need to contact a parent they can do so in the Main Office.