Class of 2016 Graduates

Congratulations to our 2016 graduates and to the lucky schools they will attend next fall!

The following list shows students, grouped by their new schools, to make it easy for parents to set up carpools and play dates. If you don’t see your student listed and wish to add them or need to make a correction, please email

Name: Middle School:
Ashley K. Buckley
Samadhi T. Burroughs Magnet
Irene J. Burroughs SAS
Hojung Y. Burroughs SAS
Anabel H. Culverdale Elementary (gr.6)
Gary S. Foshay Learning Center
Daniel K. Fremont Elementary (gr.6)
Elena B. GALA
Sofia B. GALA
Matteo S. King Film/Media Magnet
Maya L. King Tech/Arts Magnet
Catalina B. LACES
Teddy C. LACES
Candace P. LACES
Woojoo H. Milikan Math Academy
Chaelin K. Milikan Math Academy
Rachel S. Milikan Math Academy
Charlie W. Milikan Math Academy
Ari K. Milikan Math/Music
Sofia D. Milikan Performing Arts Magnet
Hannah F. Milikan Performing Arts Magnet
Dana K. Milikan Performing Arts Magnet
Ellie S. Milikan Performing Arts Magnet
Lexi T. Milikan Performing Arts Magnet
Aishu A. Milikan Science
Harrison C. Milikan Science
Myles C. Milikan Science
Nicholas C. Milikan Science
Colson D. Milikan Science
Irene J. Milikan Science
Nick K. Milikan Science
Sohl K. Milikan Science
Joy M. Milikan Science
Lucas M. Milikan Science
Samuel N. Milikan Science
Akalpit S. Milikan Science
Ted S. Milikan Science
Joshua V. Milikan Science
Jo O. Oakwood
Julia S. Pacific Hills
Maddie C. Reed Humanities Honors
Lauren G. Reed Humanities Honors
Skyler G. Reed Humanities Honors
Sowon H. Reed Humanities Honors
Andrew L. Reed Humanities Honors
Cole T. Reed Humanities Honors
Skye T. Reed Humanities Honors
Daphne D. Reed IHP
Jaume F. Reed IHP
Asha G. Reed IHP
James G. Reed IHP
Jonathan G-B. Reed IHP
Joanne H. Reed IHP
Ahhyun K. Reed IHP
Colin K. Reed IHP
Lucy K. Reed IHP
Michelle K. Reed IHP
Isaac L. Reed IHP
Rebecca P. Reed IHP
Samantha R. Reed IHP
Sophia S. Reed IHP
Casey Y. Reed IHP
Orlando P. St. Francis
Carlo D. Turning Point
Hannah G. Undecided
Ben G-S. Undecided
Emily L. Undecided