Class of 2012 Graduates

Congratulations to the Wonderland Class of 2012!

M. Afifi – Buckley
J. Arana -Laurel Hall
A. Arndt – Walter Reed, Honors Technology Academy
A. Bartlow – Millikan Performing Arts Magnet
J. Basset – Millikan Film Academy
M. Baum – Undecided
A. Berger – Millikan Civics Academy
A. Bernheim – Undecided
L. Berruto – City Charter School
S. Bertino – LACES
A. Bicknell – City Charter School
J. Bittel – John Burroughs
D. Blanc – Millikan Science Academy
B. Bonneau – Larchmont Charter
C. Borba – Crossroads
W. Borba – Crossroads
H. Calabrese – Millikan Performing Arts Magnet
A. Carurucan – SOCES
J. Choe – Palms
S. Choe – Millikan Science Academy
J. Chun – Undecided
S. Ciancia – Millikan Performing Arts Academy
M. Constantino – Virgil M.S.
I. Costa – Millikan Performing Arts Magnet
N. Costa – Millikan Math Academy
M. Crockett – LACES
A. Englender – Larchmont Charter
S. Frank – Willows
T. Gaberman – Millikan Film Academy
A. Gasser-Brennan -Millikan Science Academy
G. Guarascio – Oakwood
A. Gruskoff – Oakwood
I. Harris – Millikan Performing Arts Academy
E. Heyman – Walter Reed Culinary Arts
M. Hill – Walter Reed Humanities
K. Hollis – Undecided
S. Huh – Burroughs
Y. Jang – Larchmont Charter
W. Janos – Millikan Math Academy
E. Jeong – Millikan Performing Arts Academy
L. Jimenez – LACES
T. Jung -Millikan Math Academy
A. Kim – Paul Revere
A. Kim – LACES
CH Kim – Walter Reed IHP
E. Kim – LACES
J. Kim – Walter Reed Environmental Science Academy
S. Kim – Millikan Performing Arts Magnet
D. Kimble-Gray – Undecided
J. Kong – Undecided
S. Kurland – Pilgrim
J. Lee – Cathedral
J. Lekhtgolts – LACES
H. Libowsky – King
C. Lim – Walter Reed Humanities
D. Lim – Kennedy
L. Linden – Buckley
J. Macht – Thomas Starr King Environmental Studies
N. Meschin -Lycée International or Millikan Performing Arts Academy
S. Meschin – Topanga Mountain
S. Mintz – Millikan Performing Arts Magnet
F. Murray – Laurel Hall
I. Mutchnick – Millikan Performing Arts Academy
S. Nah – Palms
J. Omordia – St. Finbar
S. Park – LACES
M. Pellegrini – Undecided
A. Postman – LACES
S. Procino -LACES
B. Pyo -Walter Reed Humanities
F. Raimondi – Oakwood
J. Reilly – Millikan Performing Arts Academy
M. Rodas – Millikan Performing Arts Magnet
R. Rosner – Millikan Civics Academy
W. Rothermich – Paul Revere
P. Salem – Millikan Performing Arts Academy Magnet
I. Schwarz – Millikan Science Academy
W. Seery – Immaculate Heart
H. Seo – LACES
J. Seok – Walter Reed IHP
D. Shohet – Willows
S. Shramkovsky – Beverly Vista
S. Shrikantham – Millikan Performing Arts Magnet
D. Skwarczek – Walter Reed
K. Stark – Millikan Performing Arts Magnet
B. Stone – Undecided
J. Suh – LACES
L. Thomas – Millikan Civics Academy
S. Tsimmerman – Berkeley Hall
K. Valle – Culver City
L. Viscomi – Walter Reed IHP
X. Wallace – Walter Reed IHP
E. Weber – Bancroft Performing Arts Magnet
S. Wess – Millikan Performing Arts Academy
M. Wolfe – LACES
J. Yi – Millikan Math Academy
P. Yoon – Walter Reed, Undecided Academy
L. Yuncken – Walter Reed Humanities
N. Ziehl – Pilgrim
C. Ziehl – Immaculate Heart