Green Week Has A Certain ‘Energy’


Get Your Science On!

Wonderland’s 6th Annual Science Fair will take place on Tuesday, March 10th from 5 to 7pm in the von Studnitz Coyote Club MPR. Come and experience the innovative projects created by students and teachers. Refreshments and science-themed souvenirs will be sold after school and some of L.A.’s favorite food trucks will be on hand during the event.

Science Fair 2015


Happy 1st Birthday to the Chickens

Wonder Coop chickens Apollo, Goldie, and Wilson celebrate their first birthday on Wednesday, February 18th with new Spiritwear and the arrival of three new chicks. Come welcome the newbies and purchase a new Schoolyard Farmer T-Shirt or hat to support our seed to table garden program. Takes place in the Circle after school. New Spiritwear will also be available in limited quantities for purchase after school on Thursday, Feb. 19th and Friday, Feb. 20th.





Common Core & Smarter Balanced Tests

Wonderland follows the Common Core standards adopted by the State of California. The English and Math standards enrich our students’ learning by delving deeper with content that is richer and more relevant to their lives. Common Core standards focus on key knowledge and skills, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Our Writer’s Workshop and our Reader’s Workshop align with the standards and have been a part of our curriculum well before the standards were adopted. We are piloting several math programs now with an eye to adopting one to implement for the 2015-16 school year.

To find out more about Common Core, the associated Smarter Balanced Assessments, and how Wonderland students are being actively engaged in the classroom, go to the Common Core website designed by Wonderland’s faculty.

Principal Sean Teer, Magnet Coordinator Karla Lopez, and faculty members Lauren Hamilton and Shannon Brier are hosting two Presentation to Parents to further explain Common Core and to answer questions you may have.  Register here for the seminars.

Thursday, February 26th @ 6pm

Saturday, March 21st @ 10:30am



Congrats to our Artists!

PTA’s Art Reflections contest winners have been announced. Wonderland students submitted a total of 39 entries on the theme: “The world would be a better place if…”  Congratulations to all entrants and winners!

Award of Excellence and entry forwarded to the State PTA:
Jane Lichtman, Grade 5 age 10 “Presents for Aadvi”

Awards of Merit:
Isaac Siwoo Lee, Grade 4 age 10 “Litter bugs, Smokers, and Bullies, Go Away!”
Ahhyun Kim, Grade 4 age 9 “A Beautiful World Made”
Samuel Nam, Grade 4 age 9 “The World would be a better place if…”

Honorable Mention:
Evan French, Grade 5 age 10 “All Men Are Created Equal”

Award of Excellence:
Cayenne Magdlen, Grade 1 age 7 “No Litterbugs!”

Award of Excellence:
Mischa Nesic , Grade 5 age 10 “Every 21 Seconds”

Award of Merit:
WooJoo Hong, Grade 4 age 9 “Life”
Mika Tappan, Grade 3 age 8 “Ducks in a Pond”
Jordan Swihart, Grade 5 age 10  “Dream On”
Campbell Swihart, Grade 5 age 10 “The Heartbroken Tree”

Honorable Mention:
Campbell Swihart, Grade 5 age 10 “Silence”

Award of Excellence:
Rachel Kim, Grade 1 age 6 “The Happy World”
Ashlyn Kim, Grade 1 age 6 “Peace in our world”
Aubrey Stagnaro, Grade 1 age 6 “Butterflies”

Award of Merit:
Stratford Nelson, Grade 2 age 7 “The Cycle of Life”

Honorable Mention:
Gregory Stagnaro, Grade 2 age 7 “If Animals Could Roam Free”

Award of Excellence:
Dana Kim, Grade 3 age 8 “Path to Happiness Under the Sea”

Award of Merit:
Evette Um, Grade 3 age 8 “Better Place together if we could listen to Animals!”
Mischa Nesic, Grade 5 age 10 “ Water is important to the world”
Mika Tappan, Grade 3 age 8 “Great Horned Owl”
Samuel Nam, Grade 4 age 9 “The World would be a better place if…”

Valentine Grams for Sale

Valentine gram flyer 2015

Peaceful Warrior Assembly

On Tuesday Jan. 27th, Way of Council Student Reps will lead Wonderland’s first Peace Talk Assembly in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. WOC Reps will enact the lives and work of Dr. King and other peaceful warriors including Cesar Chavez, Julia Butterfly Hill, and Malala Yousafzai. Parents are invited to attend. Schedule is as follows: K-1st Grade, 8:30am; 2nd-3rd Grade, 9:15am; 4th-5th Grade, 10:30am. Assemblies will take place in the von Studnitz Canyon Club MPR. Click here for more information.

Walk for Wonderland

On Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, all students, faculty, and staff will walk a 5K on campus. The walk-a-thon, scheduled during the week of the 100th day of school, is an important fundraiser for our school. Please click here to sponsor a student online (Username: wonderland; Password: coyote). Parents are welcome to join so get out those walkin’ shoes!

New STAR Classes Beginning

STAR after-school classes begin January 26th. Enrollment begins at 9am on Wednesday, January 14th.

Click here to see the Session 3 schedule of classes and to either register online or download the brochure.

Questions? Contact Wonderland’s STAR Director, Sean Setzer, via email or on the STAR phone at Wonderland between 2pm and 6pm (323-848-7769).



Party Book Is Live

Party Book is the season’s best kid and adult parties. 100% of proceeds go to funding of school programs. Click here to see the full list of events, purchase tickets, or refer friends. From skateboarding to Super Bowl parties, cardio to culinary experiences, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out!