FTP: Safety Updates and Action Items

Dear Wonderland Families,

Following Monday’s “Town Hall style” meeting with LAPD, School Police and LAUSD representatives, the Wonderland Safety Committee met and would like to share some updates and immediate action items.

Neighbor Issue

As you are all aware, Wonderland’s neighbor who caused the recent disruption and related lockdown at the school, is back in his home. In a recent conversation, with me, the neighbor expressed deep regret for his actions and is aware of the impact this has had on the school, the students and the community. Privacy screens between the school and the upper lot were installed immediately following the incident. While we do not think there is cause for concern from this individual, we and supporting law enforcement will continue to monitor the situation. Additionally, we plan to have school police on campus and more frequent visits from LAPD officers for the remainder of the year.

Safety Plan Updates

Beyond this immediate cause for focusing on school safety, the Safety Committee has outlined measures towards the long-term safety plans for the school. Prior to implementing any of the ideas below, we are looking into a school safety company or LASP Site Assessment team to conduct a school safety assessment. We are considering a campus officer or enhanced and updated technology solutions. Once we have a security assessment we’ll know, more accurately, what to focus on and seek funding sources for those ideas. Beyond that, we would like to provide you with some of our initial concepts for other long-term security plans. In the meantime, we’ll continue to focus our efforts on the following:

School Entrance Procedures

  • Security System: Replace or enhance existing security system and cameras
  • Sign-In Procedures: Remind parents about Sign In and Out Procedures (once buzzed in front door, must IMMEDIATELY go to Main Office and fill out any related paperwork); have sign-in table by front entrance for visitors during daytime school events
  • Directional Signage: Create directional signage toward the main office – possibly a blue line or coyote paw prints that lead a visitor to the main office

Campus Security Improvements

  • Reinforce all locks throughout campus – classrooms, entry points and other parts of the campus
  • Ensure all classrooms have proper blinds and classroom supplies to be used during a lockdown/emergency
  • Add or move security cameras to cover all entry points of campus

Safety at Wonderland remains our top priority.  We value the input of our school community and welcome all constructive input as the Safety Committee weighs these and other safety considerations. Therefore, the Safety Committee and PTA encourage you to attend any or all of the following upcoming meetings:

  • Safety Committee Meeting: Wednesday, April 4th at 2:45pm in Room 5
  • “Town Hall” Meeting: Date TBD
  • PTA Coffee with the Principal: Monday, April 23rd at 8:30am in Room 5

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of these safety meetings and welcome any questions you may have in the meantime.

Have a restful spring break,

Principal Teer