Winter Book Fair Needs Volunteers!

Winter Book Fair 2014

What to Buy at the Boutique?



Holiday Boutique 2014 front

Click on the page below to activate the links and learn more about the great items for sale from each vendor!

Holiday Boutique venders 2014



See’s Candies For the Holidays

As the holidays approach, Wonderland is having our See’s candy fundraiser, which has been very successful for our school in past years. The school makes approximately 30% from each item sold.

All of the See’s Candies items in the catalog come pre-wrapped in holiday themed paper, making it easy for you to give gifts for co-workers, family and friends.

12/03/14     Sale Ends (All orders & money must be turned in to the office)

12/12/14      Candy Delivered to Students


Helpful Hints:

  1. Fill in the order form completely.
  2. Collect money from your supporters when they order. Ask them to make their checks payable to Friends of Wonderland or FOW.
  3. Verify quantities and monies collected.
  4. Put money in an envelope.
  5. Thank your customer.

Thank you for helping to make our fundraiser a BIG success!

STAR Offers Winter Camp

STAR is pleased to announce it is offering a Winter Camp from January 5th – 9th. Camp hours are 9am-3pm, with extended care 8-9am and 3-6pm at an additional fee.

There must be at least 25 campers enrolled or the camp will be cancelled. So sign up quick!

To register, or to get further information, go to

Are You Thankful?

Email orders being taken too. (See below).


If you would like to place an Email Order of Grateful Grams, please send an email to

Please include the following information:

  1. Name of person(s) to send the grams
  2. Room # or teacher
  3. From whom
  4. Type of gram: black & white; color; pencil gram
  5. Send a check in to the Student Council mailbox in the main office. Include payment with order information written on the outside of envelope. Make the check payable to: PTA/Grateful Grams. (No cash, please.)

If you would like to send a gram to each child in a class, just let us know which class(es)!

ALL email orders will be filled out for you by the Student Council reps!

Take the Cornbread Challenge


Holiday Cards & Gifts Earn Buck$


PTA Art Reflections Contest

PTA_Art Reflections 2014

Square One Art Deadline 11/14


The deadline for ordering is Friday, November 14th. Check your child’s backpack for instructions.

Square One

Do You Have A Wimpy Kid?

Wimpy Kid 2014