Congrats to Cooking Contest Winners!

The results are in from our Annual Green Week Cooking Contest and as always, it was a delicious event! Thank you to all the participants! Truly a tasty way to celebrate our roots!

Best Presentation: Gracie Shannon-Sanborn / Goat Cheese and Root Tart
Best Overall: Parker Bro / Carrot Donuts
Best Sweet: Nicholas Carone / Beet Bundt Cake
Best Savory: Lukas Carone / Root Vegetable Galette
Best Family “Roots:” Sage and Genevieve Elfont, Ruby and Ginger Rosenbeck and Esme and Pia Carlson / Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Most “Rooty:” Gianna Iovino / Bunny Hop Pasta
Best Tasting: Ezekiel Wald / Perfect Food-Root Veggies and Rice

Get ready for next year’s contest. We love to have all the tasty dishes we can get!

Join The Parties!

Party Book officially launched on Monday, Jan. 11th, and already three parties have sold out! If you haven’t checked out the best parties of the year, make sure to click on the “Party Book” link at the top of the Wonderland website. If a party you want is sold out, add yourself to the waiting list and check back frequently – additional parties are still being added.

School Closed Dec. 15, 2015

Wonderland, and all LAUSD schools, will be closed Tuesday, December 15, due to a credible threat. More information will be forthcoming from Principal Teer. For updates throughout the day, please visit the LAUSD website or call 213-241-2064.

Smarter Balanced Test Results Are In

Wonderland was recognized in a Los Angeles Times article as one of the highest performing LAUSD schools on California’s new, harder Smarter Balanced Tests. In Common Core Math, 81% of Wonderland students met or exceeded California State standards and in Common Core English, 85% of students met or exceeded the standards.

In place of the previous API scores, new school ratings are represented as a percentage of students in the district meeting or beating college readiness standards, based on the state’s new Common Core-aligned test results.

Although schools receive overall scores, individual student scores will be mailed directly to parents.


Don’t Miss The FOW Thank You Party

Friends of Wonderland hosts it’s annual thank you party for donors and donors-to-be. This not-to-be-missed event starts at 7pm at the Mulholland Tennis Club and features food, drinks, and surprise entertainment.

Annual Giving Campaign Is Launched!

The Friends of Wonderland (FoW) Annual Giving campaign for 2015-2016 has officially started. Annual Giving is Wonderland’s biggest fundraising campaign of the year and helps pay for Art, Music, PE, Teacher Training, Instructional Technology, our Librarian, Teaching Assistants, and more. Won’t you please log on and make your donation today. Thanks for your support!


FOW Annual Giving 2015

Back to School BBQ Moved To Aug. 29th

Wonderland’s annual Back to School BBQ has been moved to Saturday, Aug. 29th from 4 to 7pm. The BBQ is a great chance for students and parents to reconnect and meet new families. Food trucks will be on hand, some with vegetarian options, and Spiritwear will be sold. A not-to-be-missed event!

New Bell Schedule for 2015-2016

On Tuesday, August 18th, Wonderland will begin a new bell schedule, with regular days starting at 8:10am and dismissal at 2;29pm. Early dismissal Tuesdays begin August 25th, when school ends at 1:29pm.

Bell Schedule Revised 2015-2016

Spirit Week’s Rainbow Picture Available

Student Council’s Spirit Week 2015 was a great success! The children enjoyed dressing up each day and experiencing the camaraderie of “mixing it up” and having simple fun.

Monday was Pajama Day with a stuffed animal parade at recess. The younger children especially enjoyed showing off their favorite nighttime pals.

Tuesday was Same Day…. we had pairs, trios, small groups, and even a whole classroom dressed alike. Way to show our solidarity with one another!

On Wednesday, the children dressed up like their favorite celebrity or character from tv, film, video games, and books. We had Rock Stars and Fairytale Heroes.

The children showed their team spirit on Thursday when they donned a jersey, or hat, or some kind of clothing to proclaim their allegiance to a favorite sports team. Football to dance teams were represented! Our students really showed they are Coyotes Who Care when they donated new balls that will be given to the foster kids in L.A.’s Department of Children & Family Services. We collected 94 balls!

Friday was Rainbow Day, with each grade level wearing one color from the rainbow. As we assembled in the Circle at the end of the day, it was apparent that though we are all unique and different — like the colors of a rainbow — we are beautiful when we all come together!

Special thanks to Principal Teer, the staff and the teachers who got into the Spirit with us.

Click on the picture below if you’d like to print out a copy of our 2015 rainbow!

Rainbow Day 2015

Big Sunday: A Chance to Help Your Community

Wonderland, as well as the Laurel Canyon community, gives back during Big Sunday on May 3rd from 12-4pm. Each grade has an activity that helps support a non-profit or school project. Starting Monday, April 27th, bring in canned goods and gently used clothing, blankets, towels, toys and books to benefit local charities. Write a letter to someone who needs a kind word, make a flower pot to brighten someone’s day, help build a sun tile, or beautify the campus. Snow Cones and Lemonade will be sold and a food truck and live music will also be on hand.

This day is devoted to compassion for others. Come, teach the gift of giving!

BIG SUNDAY school flyer_2015(1)