Korean Parent Organization

Our Korean Parent Organization provides a forum for hearing from Korean speaking parents, developing strategies to increase parent involvement, improving school to home communications, and sharing Korean traditions that help make our community diverse and vibrant.  Our Korean Parent Organization also explores ideas related to the needs of English language learners and participates in related budgetary planning.  As a gift to the Wonderland community, the Korean Parent Organization also organizes the annual Lunar New Year festival, a celebration that teaches students about Korean cultural traditions including foods, games, songs, and dances.

2018-19 Board Members

Sung-Hee Chun, President

Yun-Kyung Won, Co-Vice President

Eun Kim, Co-Vice President

Mi-Kyung Yu, Treasurer

Hye-Jeon Jung, Secretary

Hyun-Joo Kim, Administrator


Please click here to see a list of 2018-19 Korean Room Parents and KPO Officers.

Korean Pledge Form 2018-19

KPO/ELAC Meeting Dates