From the Principal

Wonderland lawn 2 reduced

Hello Wonderland Families,

As the head of the school I’ve always had an open door policy to parents and families to discuss a wide variety of topics, such as parent concerns about their child, Wonderland’s facility, fundraising possibilities, additions to our Special classes, new school-wide initiatives, potential facilities improvements, neighborhoods parking and traffic and school district mandates. I will continue to be available to parents for such important topics.

However, Ms. Lopez and I need to focus on Wonderland’s kids and the teachers, specifically to monitor instruction and ensure that teachers and kids have what they need to succeed. In order to find the time during the day to focus on your children and the teachers, while still finding time for these types of parent concerns, I will be implementing the following changes:

  • Concerns About Your Child: As always, if you have specific questions about your child’s achievement, behavior or grades please contact your teacher as the first step. Your child’s teacher is with your child day-to-day and is most closely acquainted with his/her needs.
  • Principal Office Hours: I’m setting aside office hours every first and third Friday of the month for parent concerns. Times will be available in the morning and late afternoon. If you wish to meet with me, please contact Veronica Rios at 323-654- 4401 or to schedule a time during these hours.
  • Monthly Coffees with the Principal: In addition to the regularly scheduled Coffee with the Principal, which focuses on a predetermined topic, we will always have time for a Q&A format, if needed.
  • Parent Teacher Association: The PTA is an excellent place to both voice new ideas and find a committee that might be addressing that very same idea. Please try to attend Wonderland PTA meetings.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding of these changes. I am looking forward to sharing another successful year with you.
Best regards,
Sean Teer
Wonderland Avenue School