From the Principal

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Dear Parents and Friends:

This is the time when you might be thinking about next school year. At Wonderland Avenue School, we are committed to your child’s success. We know from experience that children learn best in a classroom that is heterogeneous – this means a balance of high, medium and low abilities. The teachers join me in requesting that you leave class placement decisions to us. I invite you to trust us for the best placement of your child.

In the past, I have tried to honor teacher requests. However, situations have arisen that make trying to honor numerous requests impossible. It defeats our goal of making balanced classrooms. Here are examples of the complexities:

  • Teachers change grade levels within our school.
  • New teachers are hired to accommodate open positions.
  • Academic strengths and needs for students.
  • Special Education accommodations.
  • District and State requirements for English Learners.
  • Class size restrictions limit the number of available seats.
  • Balanced ratio of boys and girls must be considered.
  • Student personalities must be balanced.
  • Multi-grade- level classrooms (combos) are always a possibility.

Wonderland Avenue School has an excellent reputation and is an award-winning school. That tradition is the result of parent support and excellent teaching. I have confidence in every teacher on staff. Class placement is a tremendous responsibility. I assure you I will make decisions to provide the best opportunity to learn for all 525 students here at Wonderland Avenue School. I appreciate your support.


Sean Teer, Principal