From The Principal


Hello Wonderland Families,

Here are a few quick updates about what’s happening at Wonderland:

Calendar – The 2015-2016 School Calendar is out. The first day of instruction will be Tuesday, August 18, 2015. For all other district dates, follow the link:

Parent Surveys – Earlier this week, we sent home School Parent Surveys with your kids. Please complete and send these back to school on or before next Friday, March 27th. The first class to return all the parent surveys by March 27th will win lunch with me. Classrooms that turn all surveys in by Tuesday, April 7th will get a surprise gift.  Last year we had a 19% return rate. This year we’re going to knock that number out of the park! Your input is important to us.

Smarter Balanced State Assessment (SBAC) Testing Dates – We are excited to get started on our new state assessments. The dates are:
5th grade – April 13-17
4th grade – April 20-24
3rd grade – April 27-May 1

Follow the link below for parent testing tips: .

Lice – It happens! If you child contracts a case of lice, please let your teacher and me know immediately so we can get the word out to the class quickly. No names will be used.

Washing Hands – We know that there are a lot of different types of flu bugs going around, even a rash or two. Our Wonderland staff and parents have not been immune. I’m working with our School Nurse, Mr. Rosenthal, to help us identify what could be a real health issue and what could be typical cold symptoms and/or an allergic reaction.  Thus far none of the illnesses we’ve seen have been related.  So here are a few Nurse Recommendations: If you child is sick, keep him or her at home and visit your doctor. Continue to remind your kids to wash their hands with soap and warm water. Teachers have been setting aside time for hand washing. They have also been asked to send anyone who feels ill to the Health Office.

Drop Off Procedure – Please, no drop offs before 7:30AM. There are very few people on campus prior to that time. Those that are here are prepping for the day and not able to supervise students.  Leaving them unsupervised is against school policy and generally unsafe.

Trash Slogans – We’re getting cleaner…and greener! Student Council has implemented an awareness campaign to keep the campus clean… and it’s working! Ask your child about the table slogans and Trash Blast.  I’ll let them explain.

Cell Phones – We’ve had a few cell phone issues recently: some phones have been taken or misplaced and some broken or damaged. We’ve addressed the issues with the students. The LAUSD policy is clear: students can have phones; however, they can only use them before and after school, but not on campus. I recommend that students leave all electronic devices at home. They are welcome to use our phone in the main office. If it is essential that your child have a phone, it should be stowed away in a backpack, preferably with a small luggage lock to secure it. When a phone comes up missing, it takes an enormous amount of time to look for the phone and calm the student, who is generally not able to concentrate on classroom activities.


Sean Teer

Principal, Wonderland Avenue Elementary